Just Clowning Around

November 1997

" Thrilled By Comfort & Durability "


November 7, 1997

Dear Alan,

It had to happen some day! The Clown Shoes that you made for me 7 years ago are finally showing signs of wear and tear. These shoes have been through a lot, and still have some life left in them. (My wife Crystal is still using her original pair from 7 years ago- and they are still going strong.)

I am very hard on my shoes, and I wear my Clown Shoes more than 200 days per year! As you can guess, I have been thrilled by their comfort and durability.

Seven years ago, when I was shopping for Clown Shoes, I was working as a highly trained Orthopedic Shoe Fitter (frequently filling doctors prescriptions). It was an easy decision to purchase shoes from you, even though your shoes were 30-40% higher than the next highest price product.

Your shoes are still priced at a premium, but I am gladly ordering another pair of shoes from you. I am confident that the quality of your product has not diminished and I will anxiously await shipment of my next pair of shoes.

Enclosed is current sizing information and payment in full.

Kindest regards,

James J. Pelc
Cindy L. Pelc
Just Clowning Around

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