World Footwear

May / June 1999

" STS Sock Obviates Need For Foot Scanners "



DigiLast, the new division set up by Digitoe, Inc., who specialize in making individualized footwear, has developed new technology which eliminates the need for individual foot scanners to capture clients foot measurements.

The DigiLast Solution is a revolutionary casting method using a resin-impregnated sock which sets up with water to produce a cast of individual feet. This cast is sent to DigiLast where the data is input to create a 3D computer generated shoe last and then a hinged industry-standard plastic shoe last. This individualized shoe last is then shipped with all relevant patterns to the location where the shoes will be produced.

DigiLast says this system obviates the need for computerized foot scanners with imaging technology which are more costly than the average small shoe manufacturer can afford. The result should be to make individualized footwear more affordable for more people.

The STS Sock which was developed by foot professionals in California, is clean and simple to use and can be reshaped by heating.

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