Once Upon A Time....

( a short story )



 Once Upon A Time.....

There was a Shoemaker named Zerbo.

He very carefully handcrafted every pair of shoes. Each pair of shoes was made especially for each person, and they were made to fit perfectly.

Zerbo built a cabin in the Rain Forest, along side the river, and there he lived, with his dog Spot.

There Zerbo became friends with the local Elves, who also lived in the woods. The Elves would come and visit Zerbo at night, in his dreams. They would even help him design and make shoes.

One night the Elves came to Zerbo and told him, "the Clowns in the Circus need shoes, their feet hurt, and they can't find anyone that knows how to make Clown Shoes."

The next day Zerbo woke up from his dream and he called the Clown College in Florida. It was true! They needed shoes for the Clowns who would graduate soon and go on to work in the Circus.

That is how Zerbo started, and went on to become the "Shoemaker to the Clowns". His happy joyful shoes would bring laughter and enjoyment to people all over the World. The Clowns loved their shoes because they were comfortable and fit perfectly."

Every Clown knows, "its hard to be funny when your feet hurt!"

One night, several years later ....

The Elves came to Zerbo when he was working late in his shop, and they told him, "people all over the World could use your help to have better fitting shoes." The Elves told Zerbo about computers and what wonderful tools they could be.

The Elves brought Zerbo a computer and taught him how to use it...

Then Zerbo decided he could make shoes for people all over the World if he could only see their feet and measure them himself.

So he asked the Elves to help him build a "Magic Box" that would take pictures of peoples feet, so they could send them to Zerbo, to have their shoes made.

The Elves gladly helped Zerbo to build the "Magic Box".

They all had so much fun working together they decided to start a "Real Company", and they voted to call it "DIGITOE".

Now, Feet all over the World can live Happily Everafter ....

Because, people all over the "Global Village" can get their own shoes made by Digitoe, using the technology and the skills developed by
Zerbo, with the help and encouragement of his friends...

The Elves.


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