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Footwear: La Calzatura
by Eugenia Girotti

This wonderful book is part of the "Bella Cosa" (beautiful things) library series. Informative text and fine photos put this in the "must-have" category.

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A Century of Shoes: Icons of Style in the 20th Century
by Angela Pattison, Nigel Cawthorne

Required feasting for the shoe-obsessed! A detailed look back at the 20th Century from a fascinating "shoepoint"- every key shoe style & designer captured in text and glorious photographs.

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Handmade Shoes for Men
by Laszlo Vass & Magda Molnar

We stumbled across this treasure during a family vacation. We classified it as "history" because it illustrates the shoe in the framework of the the centuries-old craft of shoemaking. Exquisite photos and illustrations of all aspects of shoes!

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Heavenly Soles
by Mary Trasko

The book's sub-title says it all, "Extraordinary Twentieth-Century Shoes"! More than 150 beautiful color photos and fascinating text. You aren't a true "shoe hog" unless you have this one!

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by Lucy Pratt and Linda Wooley

Photograph's from London's Victoria & Albert Museum provide the backdrop for this fine history of footwear fashion. An outstanding visual record with the story behind the fashion or function of footwear through the ages.

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Shoes: A Celebration of Pumps, Sandals, Slippers & More
by Linda O'Keeffe
Andreas Bleckman (Photographer)

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by Elizabeth Cotton

Witty, clever with 40+ archival photographs of all types of footwear (and the wearers!).

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Hot Shoes: One Hundred Years
by John Klycinski, Maureen E. Lynn Reilly

Real shoes worn by real women. This shoe book is for collectors with captions of price or value range of collectible shoes. 500 color photographs.

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Where Will This Shoe Take You?: A Walk Through the History of Footwear
by Laurie Lawlor

Classified as a "children's book",
(Ages: 9-12), nevertheless, it has shoe appeal for all of us! Whimsical and informatively detailed, this history of the shoe captures all from bark sandals to Elton John's rhinestone platforms.

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