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The Complete Handbook of Leathercrafting
by Jane E. Garnes

Everything you need to know regarding leather; from characteristics to construction for craft, art, and apparel. Excellent references, resources, and illustrations. A "must-have" for the how-to library.

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Leather Braiding
by Bruce Grant

THE definitive "how-to" resouce for leather braiding. Excellent illustrations as well as fascinating history and lore of this disappearing art.

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The Paper Shoe Book: Everything You Need to Make Your Own Pair of Paper Shoes
by Julian Horsey, Chris Knowles (contributor)

Just as the title says, "Everything you need to make a pair of shoes", except a pair of scissors and glue! Color illustrations, pattern and shoe component material, clear step-by-step instructions. Patterns for 6 styles of shoes and for feet of all sizes. Fun!

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