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Acquired Tastes
by Peter Mayle

What's the "shoe" connection? This dreamy guide to luxe living; ie. how to shop for caviar and foie gras, describes in tasty detail the ritual of hand-built (custom made) shoes! Truly worth savoring again and again.

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Future Perfect
by Stan Davis

We salute Stan Davis for visionary thinking and coining the term 'mass customizing'. More precisely, we appreciate his applying this 'revolutionary' concept (in 1987 context)to footwear.(pg. 165) This book has been hailed as the "business book of the decade" we think it may be a contender for "business book of the century".

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by Patch Adams,MD

What does this have to do with "shoes"? Well, Patch Adams,MD, was Zerbo's first mail-order clown shoe customer! This book chronicles Patch Adams' lifetime quest ("crazy dream") to transform the health care system.

A truly wonderful read- inspiring, humorous- the complete story. What the Robin Williams movie left out! A MUST read for anyone involved in or concerned about health care.

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The Speed of Change in the Connected
by Stan Davis and Christopher Meyer

This book is written by the same person that was one of the first refer to the popular phrase "Mass Customization" in the book Future Perfect.

The authors included Digitoe in BLUR as a resource for Custom Made Shoes.
See Page 27

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So Many Kinds of Shoes!: Book-and-Mobile Set
by Max Grover

Reading level: baby & pre-school, but who cares?! It's shoes!- book and mobile.
By celebrated children's book author/illustrator(and local resident) Max Grover. This is a classic to enjoy now and treasure later.

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The Sex Life of the Foot and Shoe
by William Rossi

Psychological, sociological and cultural history of the foot and the shoe in the evolution of human sexuality. Provocative and witty by a noted footwear historian and Podiatrist.

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