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The Dymaxion World of Buckminster Fuller
by Robert W. Marks

NOT a shoe book, but a favorite in our library. Out-of-print, but worth pursuing- even a library version- to review the life's work of Bucky Fuller- genius, visionary thinker and inventor of the geodesic dome. Wonderful b&w photos, diagrams, patent drawings, of the Dymaxion World- transport to housing and much more.

ISBN # 0385018045

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The Make-It-Yourself Shoe Book
by Christine Lewis Clark

As the cover says " No special equipment necessary...easy to follow instructions for making your own Sandals, Leather Thongs, Moccasins, Bedroom Slippers, Boots," etc..
Excellent photos, clear step-by-step directions, comprehensive from hide to fitting!

ISBN 0394410572 Alfred A. Knopf,Inc.

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by June Swann

We have had 2 students at ShoeSchool share their copies of this fabulous book with us. June Swann as "Keeper of the Shoe Collection" at Northampton Museum authored this comprehensive, definitive volume of the history of shoes. Photographs with precise caption details ie. "o.6-inch stacked heel, pointed toe, 6 pairs of blind eyelets, Russian calfskin". We MUST obtain our own copy!

ISBN # 0713409428

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