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Foot Reflexology: A Visual Guide for Self-Treatment
by Jurgen Jora

We were introduced to this book by a guest speaker at ShoeSchool. Even if you don't subscribe to "reflexology"- this is a fine foot care / good health reference. Outstanding illustrations.

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Hand and Foot Reflexology: A Self-Help Guide
by Kevin Kunz, Barbara Kunz

An excellent, easy-to-use, good-health book. Great illustrations.

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Stories the Feet Can Tell Thru Reflexology
by Eunice D. Ingha

Originally published in 1938, the subtitle "Stepping to Better Health" captures the message of this book. Attention to, and care of, the feet can be critical to basic health.

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Your Feet
by Sandra Salmans

Subtitled, "Question you have...Answers you need", this is the one-stop guide to your feet. The Q & A format makes it a handy reference for all your foot issues: problems, treatments, and prevention.

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