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Cinderella's Revenge
by Samuele Mazza

Totally whimsical, wonderful with color photos of over 200 shoes, a dozen pages of text highlighting the shoe against a background of history, mythology, psychology and popular culture.

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Shoes, Shoes, Shoes
by Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol's icon style interpreting the commonplace 'shoe'. This fun collection of 40 drawings, prints, and watercolors is anything but commonplace!

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Patrick Cox: Wit, Irony, and Footwear

A fascinating book on the life, style and work of contemporary shoe designer Patrick Cox. Over 150 color photos of collections and commissioned work for top fashion apparel designers.

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by Bertrand Heyraud

At this writing, this book remains a "soon-to-be published" volume that sounds like the next addition to the shoe bookshelf.

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Shoes Fashion & Fantasy
by Colin McDowell

For the shoe-crazed. The tale of how the shoe evolved into today's status symbol. Fine color illustrations.

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Shoes: A Lexicon of Style
by Valerie Steele

Humor and wit flavor this evocative discussion of the meaning of modern footwear. Designer interviews, a-z fashion styles, buying trends of the consumer, plus the pop-cultural and psychological aspects of shoes. Must-have book for the shoe-obsessed!

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